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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

What's in the Vatican's Basement (or closet)

So I watched the news today and listened as a reporter informed me that the Vatican was very quiet on the sex scandal currently underway with the exception of one Cardinal whom when addressing the Pope denounced the sex rumors being spread by Satan. Hummmm..... I don't think it was Satan who was chatting up those male escort on Roma main street looking for the latest older youngest looking gay male prostitute to bring back inside the Holy See for uhhhh.... in the Papal apartments no less. It's also not rumors. The solicitation was caught on tape.

Yes, it sucks when our moral leaders and/or their cronies are caught being immoral leaders. No one is perfect. To error is human and all that, however, the guy wearing the worlds largest pointy hat on his head is supposed to be morally infallible. He's supposed to be next to God. So what's the deal? Perhaps some cracks in humanity are showing and maybe the edicts passed down on the Faithful might be a little out-of-touch with what people really need. Like say birth control instead of have more kids in this already over-populated planet. Please don't get me wrong... I feel that it is noble that the Pope in general is pro-family. We need more pro-family stuff around the world just a little more common sense about when the time is right for a family to have children.

His silence on the Pedophile priest(s) around him bothers me. It suggests he condones such behavior because he does not publicly and fiercely denounce it. How is that moral and insync with God's will? Because folks, in over 90% of the cases where these priests are victimizing another male, usually statistically that male is under 18. That's a crime and these men need to go to jail. Plus the other side of this that no one seems to be bringing up...if a male clergy is victimizing another male sexually then isn't that male clergy gay? And does not the Holy Father renounce gays? So he's renouncing some of his own. Wow. And he speaks on a consistent moral tone for young people to follow how? Why? Where is Catholic outrage? Why is this allowed to continue? Are people in general so brainwashed that they need to follow just to follow no matter how ridiculous their leader becomes and how out of sync with reality they are...yet follow....

Today's hot button question for debate: How is organized religion not mental/emotional slavery?


  1. actually in Italy it is NOT a crime, however is frowned upon particularly in Roma and Parma. do your homework before professing yourself Edict of the judgement of the Catholic Church...and you might want to not ever plan to go to Italy, Spain, or Mexico....the catholic devoted there would eat your young for this blasphemy

  2. That there were no Popes claiming General Jurisdiction until the Great Schism (and yes, that includes St Peter, who was no more a pope than I am) indicates to me that the original, collegial system of Church Government should never have been tampered with.

    The Church in the East has never undergone a Reformation; indeed, it’s virtually impossible. Any Patriarch who embraces things contra to Church teaching is immediately ousted by the others (as was done with the Patriarch of Rome, I might add).

    Who knows; the Church may be reunited some day. Rome is welcome back at any time, contingent upon the Pontiff’s renunciation of everything falling outside the East’s paradigm, viz., Holy Writ, Holy Tradition, and the pronouncements of the Seven Ecumenical Councils.